Book-keeping can quickly become a time-consuming burden for many businesses. Keeping accurate records that are in the ‘right’ format and up to date can become the bane of many business owner’s working lives.

Therefore, we offer a book-keeping service that is highly tailored for your business ensuring you receive exactly the boook-keeping service you require. As well as taking your book-keeping in house at Minshall & Co, we can alternatively, or in conjunction, offer relevant book-keeping training. We are able to assist you with both manual and computerised systems to ensure your book-keeping works for your business.


Book-Keeping for your Business

Our monthly book-keeping service ensures the “books” never get out of control or unwiedly, but instead ar always in good working order and a useful tool for your business.

Book-Keeping needs to be done and done to a high standard to maintain relevant records. Clients don’t always have that extra time to complete their own books so we use our expertise and do it for them. We ensure each client gets:

  • Professional Expertise
  • Achieved Goals
  • Bespoke Service
  • Financial Training Opportunities

To discover how we can benefit your business by assisting with your book-keeping, call us today.